Secure crypto payment solutions made easy

Escrypto is a global crypto payment system that allows you to conduct blockchain transactions conveniently and with complete peace of mind.

Using crypto-based escrow smart contracts, Escrypto offers a fast and safe route for all your crypto transactions. Supporting all major cryptocurrencies and stablecoins, Escrypto can be used to pay for virtually anything. From real estate to cars and from jewelry to art, we’re the trusted solution for secure payments.

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About us

Based in Miami, Florida, Escrypto is a US crypto payment services company that is fully licensed/pending/ on 3 continents. A company with a truly global reach, we have made it our mission to offer safe, simple, and secure solutions for crypto transactions. To this end, Escrypto offers an all-In-One Bitcoin and cryptocurrency escrow system.

Escrypto understands what individuals and companies are looking for in an escrow — a secure payment system that provides dispute resolution options and prompt disbursement of funds, all while being fully regulated and compliant. However, we also understand how confusing blockchain technology can be to the uninitiated.  

As a result, Escrypto has created a range of services that require no technical knowledge to operate. Our innovative software and smart contracts remove the confusion no matter what area of the crypto landscape you may be involved in. From cryptocurrency exchange and initial coin offerings to crypto investments and purchases, Escrypto has been designed to make the process as intuitive and user-friendly as possible.  

With the number of customers using crypto wallets to make purchases dramatically increasing every year, Escrypto allows businesses of all kinds to gain secure and easy access to the crypto space, expanding their customer base and revenue streams.    

If you have any questions about our services or would simply like to know more about crypto payments, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Our Services

checkout button


Payment buttons for websites

Much like a credit card check-out button, Escrypto pay allows eCommerce sites to accept crypto payments with the same ease. Offering customers an additional method by which to purchase goods and services, Escrypto’s pay crypto payment button increases a business’ cash flow while retaining all the security.

escrow with crypto contract


Escrow services between buyers and sellers

With trust being the main concern in all transactions, Escrypto holds crypto funds on the blockchain until both parties have fulfilled their contractual requirements. A fair and secure transaction for everyone involved, Escrypto’s escrow service can be set up in just a few clicks.

Broker transaction


Advanced escrow services controlled by broker

Escrypto offer Brokers the ability to initiate, control, and finalize transactions simply and effectively. A fully licensed and regulated crypto escrow service, we provide brokers with all the tools they need to manage crypto transactions securely.

Cloud network


SAAS for escrow companies via API

Escrypto provides escrow as a service (EaaS) for businesses, with our platform offering a secure transaction arena that protects your company when trading with individuals or businesses that you’re unfamiliar with.

customer and business verification


Full KYC/KYB/AML verification of customers

With our extensive Know Your Customer (KYC), Know Your Business (KYB), and Anti Money Laundering (AML ) checks, your crypto transactions undergo the due diligence required to keep them secure and meet regulatory requirements.

Hand pushing a buy buttonSecured cloud networkBroker transactionHandshake contractHand pushing buy button

Software features

Secure and user-friendly interface
Private chat & email support
Secured escrow transactions on blockchains
Pay with crypto and receive crypto
Fully compliant with current KYC & AML
Multiple party approvals for advanced transactions
Easily connect your wallet to send and receive crypto
Standard escrow fees plus network fees
API connection for business accounts
Advanced dashboard for business accounts with API

Get to know our main features


Completely Secure

Employing the latest blockchain technology, Escrypto keeps your money safe during the entire transaction process.

Fully Compliant

Verifying every user, we ensure that all transactions are fully compliant with KYC, KYB, and AML.

smart contract


Our intuitive, simple-to-use platform makes the whole process easy. Noheadaches or coding required.

Crypto vault

The secure choice

Whether you’re spending $100 or $10 million worth of crypto, Escrypto offers you the platform you need to conduct the transaction safely.

This is especially relevant in the blockchain arena as crypto transactions can’t be reversed. If you’re unsatisfied with a product or service you’ve purchased, you can’t get your crypto back — unlike banks, the decentralized nature of blockchains means there’s no one you can go to to make a complaint.

With Escrypto, however, your funds sit securely on the blockchain until you’re happy for them to be released — and if you’re not, we return them to you. This way, both the buyer and seller can engage in a transaction, safe in the knowledge that their payment is protected.

Institutional grade protection

Although blockchains are virtually impossible to hack (a hacker would need to access every copy of the ledger in existence), there are some potential vulnerabilities when it comes to crypto exchanges. Escrypto solves this issue by utilizing an institutional-grade vault that requires a public and a private key to access. With the private key disconnected from the internet, it can’t be hacked.

Multilingual support agent

Not just secure, but convenient too

For all of Escrypto's security measures, you can still make purchases directly from your own wallet, making Escrypto the safe and convenient choice for both large and small purchases.

What’s more, with the service fully licensed, we’re a crypto payment service with a global reach.

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Simple transactions
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Free to sign up
Business transactions
Unlimited transactions
Chat between parties
Advanced transaction security
Multilingual dashboard
Broker controlled escrow
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